Permanente Re-Imagined

Advocates for a Vibrant Creek

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Project Documents

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (2013-03-14 STEV BDC Project VIDEO.wmv)Stevens Creek Steelhead VideoShows the fish trap from May 2013 and spawning steelhead near the Central Ave. Fishway16989 kB
Download this file (Phase IA Scope of Work. Final.pdf)Survey Scope of workThis is a final scope of work for a survey of Permannete Creek121 kB
Download this file (Permanente Creek Survey Report FINAL.pdf)NOAA Survey ReportFinal report by Gary Stern NOAA, of Permanente Creek1380 kB
Download this file (Northern Santa Clara County Fish Resources 2013.pdf)Status of Steelhead in Santa Clara County Report by Jerry Smith on current status of Steelhead in Santa Clara County116 kB
Download this file (up-a-creek.pdf)Up a Creek by Kit GordonUp a creek with NOAA Fisheries96 kB
Download this file (2013 9-10 Concept Design Memo.pdf)Concept Design MemoPERMANENTE CREEK RESTORATION PLAN2078 kB
Download this file (2013 9-19 Zars to Granquist re response to conceptual plan.pdf)response to conceptual planRequest for meeting on conceptual plan132 kB
Download this file (2013 10-4 Lehigh Concept Level Submittal.pdf)Lehigh Concept Level SubmittalRestoration Plan1105 kB
Download this file (2012 8-20 Higgins steelhead migration comments.pdf)Higgins steelhead migration commentsHiggins steelhead migration comments from august 2012115 kB
Download this file (Permanente watershed map,.pdf)Permanente watershed mapPermanente watershed map2563 kB
Download this file (San Francisco Estuary Watersheds Evaluation Identifying Promising Locations for Steelhead Restoration Becker CEMAR 2007.pdf)San Francisco Estuary Watersheds Evaluation CEMAR San Francisco Estuary Watersheds Evaluation 884 kB
Download this file (2013 4-24 Consent Decree filed and date stamped.pdf)Lehigh Consent Decree filedConsent Decree filed and date stamped726 kB
Download this file (2013 5-6 CSW Proposal.pdf)CSW ProposalCSW Proposal57 kB
Download this file (uptheconcretechannel.pdf)Steelhead Passage conceptSteelhead Passage concept for a concrete Channel349 kB
Download this file (SH_RT_TissueUpdate.xls)Steelhead Tisure SamplesList of samples used for genetic study of SCC Creeks210 kB
Download this file (Population genetics of Oncorhynchus mykiss in the Santa Clara Valley Region Garza-Pearse SCVWD Report 2008.pdf)Population genetics of Oncorhynchus mykiss in the Santa Clara Valley Region Garza-Pearse SCVWD Report 2008.pdfGarza Report on genetics of Oncorhynchus mykiss in SCC2712 kB
Download this file (2005_PWA_SCVWD_StevensBarrierReport.pdf)2005 Stewardship report showings Stevens Creek Barrier2005 Stewardship report showings Stevens Creek Barrier19852 kB

These documents are related to our project.


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