Permanente Re-Imagined

Advocates for a Vibrant Creek

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Berry Stream Gauge

Click here to see the current Flow Gauge data for Permenente Creek at the Berry Gauge site.

About Us

The Permanente Creek Alliance aka Permanente Re-Imagined is a collaborative of organizations working together to preserve and restore the Permanente Creek Watershed.


Goolge Earth Map with a red line indicating the project site

Our initial work has focused on studying the potential of modifying the Santa Clara Valley Water District's  (SCVWD) diversion channel connecting to Stevens Creek.  We believe this channel can be modified to allow for fish passage in and out thus connecting the San Francisco Bay and allowing anadromous Steelhead Trout to spawn in the upper Permanente Creek including Rancho San Antonio Park.

If this is possible it would mean about 9 additional miles of habitat for the existing run of Steelhead now using Stevens Creek.


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